Travel is

This is a poem I wrote for Feelszine magazine, Issue 05: Wanderlust. 


Travel is

Travel is forgetting who you are so you can reimagine
Travel is examining your beliefs so you can rebuild
Travel is realizing that everyone lives differently, and it’s okay.

Travel is being lost, not knowing how to order lunch, or where your hostel is
Travel is learning what’s important enough to bring with you
And important enough to come back to
Travel is uncovering a history you didn’t know existed
Immersed in a way of life you never considered
Travel is realizing your problems are small and your country, insignificant
Travel is exploring your sense of power and resiliency
Your inner strength and sense of direction

Travel is hoping your stuff doesn’t get stolen.

Travel is discovering your loneliness, dependency, and need for routine
Travel is wishing a community appeared in an instant
Or that you could ask a complete stranger for a hug
Travel is a bubble
Suspended in time while the world spins
Travel is letting go
Travel is holding on.

Travel can feel like it never happened
Perhaps you imagined it all, created it, you can’t explain it
You can’t tell others, can’t relay the feelings, the experiences, the times you cried alone, wanted someone to talk to, or wanted an internet connection.
Travel is wondering how long you can sit in a coffee shop alone with a book.

Travel is saying yes when you would normally say no
Travel is watching people go by and wondering what their life holds, where they will go and what they will do
It’s knowing that there are millions all over the world you will never meet and never understand
Travel is acceptance
It is humility

Travel is happening.


Download: FEELS_Wanderlust_Julia